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OMEGA FIRE MINISTRY church was built in 20XX, in CITY. We have presented the 3D models and our client was very happy to start immediately. We have delivered as promised. OMEGA FIRE MINISTRY is now a beautiful church that has a strong structure on which it sits thanks to the expertise of the Lepalm Design Crew.


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Lepalm Design Crew is a full service construction firm shaped by passionate and visionary Congolese entrepreneurs, servicing Johannesburg, in South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo by delivering effective building solutions to clients through design build. We are as passionate about construction as we are about our clients. We offer exceptional services in the construction sphere as well as innovative and forward-thinking designs.

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Customer Service is our UNIQUE differentiating angle. We strive to be serious in our pre and post sales services to our clients. Lepalm Design Crew cc is a close corporation company registered with in South African and it is 100% owned by Mr Joseph kumwamba . The company is expecting to alter a reliable and trustworthy class A close corporation chartered in The African construction company market .This will offer great investment opportunities through the acquisition of investment capital .




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